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Community Projects


Kumala Project (Sweet Potatoes)

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from March 2020, lackdowns and restrictions, we received overwhelming from community members in Sydney, Brisbane and Griffith (NSW) for fresh produce, in particular sweet potatoes.  We therefore reached out to a few farms in the Bundaberg, QLD area and commenced supplying Hawaiian sweet potatoes to pre-dominantly the Tongan community in these areas, thus the launch of the - Kumala Project. 

We now purchase from local farmers in Qld and supply at a wholesale price to consumers in Brisbane, Sydney and Griffith.  Should you with to make an order, please contact us via email at or via our Facebook page. 


Other names for kava include:

In the Island of 'Eua, we have planted noble kava varieties, of the following kind:

  • Kava Lekahina,

  • Kava ‘Akauhina,

  • Kava Lekakula,

  • Kava ‘Akaukula,

  • Kava Fulufulu,

  • Kava Valu,

  • Kava Kofe.

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