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About Us

Feleoko 'a Maui (F'aM) is a family owned business that commenced with a simple dream - to support a family, community and fonua (country), in the Kingdom of Tonga and in Australia. 


With over 1000 years of traditional farming experience, handed down from generation to generation, Feleoko 'a Maui uses a traditional Tongan method of planting and cultivating crop. 


In 2016, Feleoko 'a Maui invested in a small organic farm in the pristine untouched island of 'Eua, in the Kingdom of Tonga.  This consists of over 8 acres of traditionally owned farm land in 'Eua planted with kava, talo (taro), 'ufi (yams) and kape (giant taro).


F'aM's farming technique is based off traditional Tongan methods handed down from generations.  The crop is wholly organic.  The organic produce has been sold in the market in 'Eua, also shipped overseas to consumers. 


Feleoko 'a Maui or "Feleoko 'o Maui" the name of the marketplace in 'Eua, is sourced from Tongan oral history, known as the produce or plantations of the Tongan deity, Maui.  This is also used to describe the island of 'Eua, also known as Funga Fonua.  Recognised for its rich soil and organically cultivated produce.      

We also hire local labourers throughout the year to assist in maintaining the farm. 

We also purchase locally from local farmers and sell to the Agricultural School on the island of 'Eua, where they have purchased our samples and kava plants to then cultivate a kava crop for the school.  

We have also assisted in establishing a crop for families on the island, as well as sponsor community initiatives in Tonga and Australia. 


If you are interested in purchasing some of F'aM's produce, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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